Let me come to your home, office or event



Adam can come to a location of your choice to teach a bespoke session, tailored to your needs. Celebrities, elite sports people and regular class attendees have all benefited from receiving Adam's knowledge in the private sessions and you, of course, would too, using it as an opportunity to:

  • check in with alignment so that you can get more from public classes
  • work towards specific asanas or strengthen/open an particular area of your body
  • develop sequences for self -practice
  • simply have a class in your home

Sessions range from £75 to £130 depending on location, time and needs.


 Top city law firms, significant social media names and many morehave booked regular and one-off sessions with Adam. Here's why you should give it some thought:

  • Allows you staff team to bond away from a coffee cup
  • Gives a mental and physical boost to kick off the day, or prepare for the after-lunch/ after-dinner round of work
  • Relieves stress in the workplace
  • Great for fitness, toning and flexibility, counteracting the day of hunching over the desk/computer/phone
  • Increases mindfulness in work tasks and between each other

Pricing per hour ranges from £80 to £170 depending on location, time and needs.